Grayco Building Center

Whether you’re working with wood, pvc or steel, we have the right fastener for your project.

CAMO Fasteners are designed to work with solid or grooved treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite or PVC deck boards. Blend into the surface with color-matched face fasteners, or choose hidden fasteners for a fastener-free deck surface.

GRK multi-use screws for particle board, sheet metal, cement fiber board, laminate and wood decking with a variety of sizes available. No pre-drilling is required for most GRK products.

Simpson screws, nails and epoxy to compliment your Simpson fasteners and also work in various applications throughout your construction project.

Fastenmaster a leader in the industry, Fastenmaster offers decking solutions in screws, hidden systems  for decking, pvc trim and steel deck framing including Cortex, a hidden fastening system.