Top Kitchen Hardware Trends

For an affordable and effective kitchen upgrade, consider replacing your cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware lends to your kitchen’s functionality by allowing ergonomic access to cabinet doors and drawers, and it also serves as an aesthetic detail that communicates the space’s style and attitude. Replacing existing cabinet hardware with updated versions can improve your comfort and experience working in the kitchen as well as contribute to a refreshed room ambience.

The two main types of kitchen cabinet hardware are drawer pulls and cabinet knobs, each of which are available in a broad range of styles, shapes, and finishes. Cabinet knobs tend to be more compact and operable by grasping them between the thumb and forefinger while cabinet pulls are typically elongated and usable by gripping with all four main fingers.

Four Top Kitchen Hardware Trends

With so much variety, it is possible to choose cabinet hardware that truly speaks to your personal style and preferences. Four key trending cabinet hardware styles are modern, farmhouse, rustic, and traditional. Execute any of these trends expertly by blending hardware styles, shapes, and finishes strategically in your kitchen.

Understanding each style of hardware can help you make better choices as far as knob and pull shapes and finishes as you upgrade your cabinet hardware for professional results at a fraction of the price.

Modern Hardware

Modern styles are characterized by clean lines and angles. For this reason, modern hardware tends to avoid extra embellishment, opting instead for sleeker and simpler shaping. Modern kitchens tend to use hardware as a small, understated design detail, often sporting matte or flat finishes.


If you are leaning towards creating a more modern style kitchen with your hardware choices, consider choosing knobs that are flat and round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, cylindrical, or T-bar. The more simplistic, clean, and angular the shape, the more likely your knob will fit into a modern style kitchen.


Mixing knobs and pulls throughout your kitchen cabinetry creates a more functional atmosphere and adds to a kitchen’s sophistication. Using appliance pulls, finger pulls, recessed pulls, bar pulls, and ring pulls help establish a clean, modern style kitchen using cabinet hardware. Again, less is more with creating a modern look, and pulls that are minimalist with little ornamentation tend to fit best with this style.

Farmhouse Hardware

For a more thematic kitchen, consider installing farmhouse style hardware. These pieces tend to mimic the quaint country kitchen look with more traditional curvature and occasional embellishment. More modern versions of farmhouse style offer the same inviting, old-fashioned silhouettes with more simplified execution and updated material finishes.


Communicate a farmhouse style with your kitchen hardware by choosing knobs that are round, mushroom, or birdcage in shape. These more classic shapes can sport decorative engravings and extra ornamentation to better show off your kitchen’s farmhouse style.


If your farmhouse style kitchen also includes some cabinet pull hardware, consider opting for shapes such as arched, pendant, cupped, birdcage, or drop-handle pulls. These shapes mix the best of traditional with thematic country style.

Rustic Hardware

Bring a hint of rustic charm into your home with more traditional and rugged-looking cabinet hardware. Rustic hardware comes in a variety of shapes, including novelty knobs and pulls displaying motifs of the outdoors. Rustic hardware is commonly finished with some patina or an uneven metallic look to appear more established and well-loved.


Give your rustic kitchen an upgrade by replacing the current knobs with mushroom, oval, round, and novelty shaped knobs. The shape associated with rustic knobs is less important than the distinctive, characteristic worn finish, but this style tends to look best when using more traditional shapes with less decoration and ornamentation to it.


Rustic style can be expressed with a variety of cabinet pull hardware shapes, including arched, pendant, or cupped pulls.  As with rustic style knobs, the finish is slightly more important to creating an effective rustic look with these hardware pieces.

Traditional Hardware

Traditional styles tend to include more curves and decorative motifs than more modern styles. Traditional cabinet hardware therefore tends to be showy and detailed all on its own. These knobs and pulls are also available in a variety of finishes, but often look best with classic polished nickel or chrome finishes.


If you’re planning to update your kitchen cabinets with a more traditional look, the best shapes of cabinet knobs for you are mushroom, round, and oval. These shapes have been historically used in design throughout the ages, serving as key motifs to mainly traditional styles.


Traditional pulls are best executed with shapes such as arched, drop-handle, and sometimes cupped knobs. These pulls may have extra decorative elements added to them, such as embellishment through engraving or in crafting the shapes more elegantly.


The finish you choose for your cabinet hardware has a large impact on the overall execution of your intended style. Different finishes work better with certain styles, and choosing the right combination of elements can truly refresh the look and feel of your kitchen as a whole. The main finishes of kitchen cabinet hardware available are chrome, polished nickel, brass, gold, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black. Depending which style trend you are aiming to recreate in your kitchen, some of these finishes may be more suitable than others.

Modern Hardware Finishes

If you are into upgrading your kitchen hardware to a modern style, you may want to consider using finishes such as matte black, gold, or chrome. No matter what shape and size your cabinet knobs and pulls are, these typical finishes help communicate the sleek simplicity of modern style. Chrome and gold are two metallic and reflective options that can add some dimension to your kitchen while matte black is a more understated and minimalist choice of finish for this trend.

Farmhouse Hardware Finishes

If your kitchen is following the farmhouse trend, your cabinet hardware will likely look good in a variety of finishes, including chrome, nickel, brass, and oil-rubbed bronze. Each of these finishes works especially well if your farmhouse style leans towards the traditional side. Of course, if you are working with a more modern farmhouse style, using a matte black finish with more traditionally shaped hardware can be a great compromised way of blending the two styles.

Rustic Hardware Finishes

Rustic hardware is most on trend when it uses a finish that indicates a charming degree of use and aging. While something as solid and austere as matte black might not work, finishes like oil-rubbed bronze tend to have a slightly uneven metallic finish that fit this style perfectly.

Traditional Hardware Finishes

If you like the traditional trend, the best finishes for your kitchen hardware upgrade are nickel, gold, and brass. These three metallic finishes have been used historically in traditional interior design and pair well with the knob and pull shapes most commonly selected for traditional style kitchens.

No matter which trend you hope to recreate in your kitchen–modern, farmhouse, rustic, or traditional–simply upgrading your kitchen cabinetry hardware can go a long way in communicating your desired style. At a fraction of the cost of a full-blown kitchen remodel, this do-it-yourself weekend project is affordable and effective at transforming your kitchen ambience overall.


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