8 DIY Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal

If you are looking to attract more potential buyers for your home or simply want to be the envy of the neighbors, then you are looking to boost your home’s curb appeal. Guests and prospective buyers rarely shake their first impression of a home, and no matter how stunning your interiors are you will invariably have a strike against you if your home’s exterior does not immediately impress. Today we will offer you some ideas for do-it-yourself projects you can engage in to instantly boost your home’s curb appeal.

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How to Make a Small Room Larger

Many people have experienced the disappointment of finding out that a room feels too small, and you do not see a realistic way to make it bigger. While you may not have the ability to expand the space by knocking down walls or other demolition and reconstruction, there are a few ways that you can maximize your use of the available space and utilize ergonomic design and decoration to make sure that your petite space does not feel cramped or stuffy. Today we will provide you with a few tips that you can apply in attempting to make your tinier room feel larger than life.

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7 Essential Summer Home Maintenance Projects

Summer is upon us, and every homeowner should make sure that their home is prepared for the oppressive heat, summer showers, and beautiful sunshine. To make sure your home is fully equipped to handle the summer, there are a few key maintenance projects that should be performed to keep your home in good shape. Today, we will run down a few of the most important maintenance projects to ensure your home, lawn, and garden are ready for the season.

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Charcoal vs. Gas Grill: Which is Best for You?

Grill season is in full swing. If you’re hoping to entertain in your backyard and host the biggest barbecues on the block, you need to make sure your grill is fired up and ready to go. But this obviously prompts the age-old question: should you go gas or charcoal for your grilling needs?

Grill masters the world over have wrestled with this question, and everyone seems to have their own answer based on their family recipes, the foods they tend to grill the most, their most valued expert’s advice, and good old-fashioned intuition. Today, we will talk you through the pros and cons of charcoal and gas grills, so you can decide which is best for you. Read more

Top Backyard Landscaping Ideas for 2021

Whether you’re looking for a simple update or a complete makeover, rejuvenating your backyard landscape can offer a variety of aesthetic and practical benefits for homeowners. Backyard landscaping can be a simple DIY project or can end up being a costly professional job, depending on your budget, flexibility, and imagination. To help spark your creativity, we’re going to run through the top backyard landscaping ideas for the 2021 season.

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8 Cheap Home Improvement Ideas

As the last year forced people back into their homes for longer and longer stretches, many people realized they could benefit from some simple home improvements. While some poured huge amounts of funding into making major improvements, others discovered simple, modestly-priced fixes that could be a great help to their home. Here, we’ll explore eight cheap home improvement ideas that should help improve your quality of life!

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Top Décor Trends in 2021

With 2021 in full swing and summer just around the corner, you may be looking to spruce up your home’s décor. Perhaps you’re anxious to improve your home’s visual style for hosting guests. Or, you may simply be bored with your same old wallpaper and furniture. Whatever the reason you have, here, we’ll introduce you to the top décor trends we predict for 2021 to help you enhance your home!

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Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

Spring maintenance is always important, and many people end up taking care of their spring maintenance needs without ever consulting a checklist. Winter has started easing away and warmer days are ahead. For many homeowners, there is a need to protect against the threat of extreme heat and humidity in the Southeastern US. Here’s a quick and easy spring maintenance checklist to help ensure your home is ready for the spring season. Read more

7 Creative Backsplash Ideas

If you are interested in personalizing your home, having a unique backsplash can add a bit of character and beauty without destroying your budget. A backsplash can sit right behind your kitchen sink or cover multiple walls, can be monochromatic or use multiple colors, or even incorporate special designs. You might also add a backsplash in your bathrooms—and if you have a dedicated bar space, you can choose to add a backsplash there as well. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity. Today, we will show you a few creative backsplash ideas you can incorporate into your next redesign. Read more

How to Clean and Maintain Hardwood Floors

For most homeowners, having a gorgeous hardwood floor is a point of pride and a sign that you care about maintaining your home’s value. Your hardwood floors are tough, resilient, and beautiful, but they require proper cleaning and maintenance to retain their value and integrity for the long haul. Hardwood floors are a significant investment, and many homeowners find that they are not sure how to properly protect that investment when it comes to maintenance. Today, we will help you understand the basics of how to keep your hardwood floors looking great and staying strong. Read more