Essential House Painting Tools & Equipment

Whether you are a new homeowner making your house more aesthetically pleasing for you, or a long-time homeowner looking to update an old look, you will need a few essential house painting tools to get the job done right. Today, we will help you understand what tools and equipment you should have on hand for your next painting project. Read more

How to Unclog a Shower Drain

One of the most frustrating and common household plumbing problems is a clogged shower drain. Hair, debris, oils, and other substances can congeal in your drainpipe and leave you with standing water or an incredibly slow drain, turning a relaxing shower into a major annoyance. Worse, having a professional fix your shower drain can be time consuming and expensive. Luckily, today we are going to walk you through a few simple methods you can try. Here’s how to unclog a shower drain yourself. Read more