7 Outdoor Living Space Ideas

A beautiful outdoor space like your lawn, backyard, patio, or deck positively calls for you to use the space for your favorite activities and entertainment. Designing your perfect backyard or patio space can be difficult, but knowing what you would like to do outdoors can help you find the inspiration. Today we will run through seven ideas to improve your outdoor living space, so you can make it just as inviting and entertaining as your indoor space!

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Create a Central Focal Point

Most people set up their patio with a set of chairs to enjoy the sunset or shade of an awning and leave it at that. But if you are interested in hosting large parties or gatherings for family and friends, then creating a central focal point for your outdoor space should be a top priority. By effectively ordering your space around a key object or location, such as a picnic table, lawn space for games, water feature, or garden, you can create a structured atmosphere that will enhance the social appeal of your space.

Include a Fire Pit or Fireplace

If your property is in an area where local fire codes allow for fire pits or fireplaces, consider adding one to enhance your outdoor space’s beauty and utility. While firepits can be lovely and inviting in colder climates and seasons, even a mild summer evening can be improved with a beautiful fireplace. If you are a do-it-yourself commando, consider building your own fire pit using stone or bricks, or check out ready-made options including portable fire pits and chimineas.

Create Covered Spaces for Lounging & Entertaining

Playing lawn games or sunbathing can be wonderful ways to relax and enjoy your leisure time, but a particularly hot day and oppressive sunlight can quickly force everyone back inside and rob you of the enjoyment of your own home. Consider creating a dedicated covered outdoor area with ample seating and tables. By placing appropriate deck umbrellas, awnings, or under-deck patio areas in your outdoor space, you will not only improve the look of your space but increase the chances that your backyard fun won’t be cut short by harmful UV rays and high temperatures.

Create Private Spaces for an Intimate Setting

Some people love a wide, open outdoor space for their activities and entertaining, but many people desire more intimate spaces where they can enjoy being outside while feeling tucked away from prying eyes. Of course, not all of your outdoor space needs to be privately enclosed, but if you want a space that’s shielded from external view, consider investing in beautiful privacy hedges or dwarf trees. Or, you can always rely upon simple wooden or vinyl fencing, possibly accented with creeping vines.

Add Decorative Lighting

For beautiful nights out on the patio or in the garden, proper lighting is essential. A well-designed outdoor space will have appropriate light sources to fit the theme and aesthetic. If your local fire codes allow for it, consider using torches or lanterns to light your yard or patio and create a warm, inviting mood. Of course, regular electric bulbs work just as well and, if properly placed, can accent your home’s beautiful exterior or bathe your deck or patio in soft, warm lighting that will keep you outside long after the sun has gone down. Place your lighting facing upwards to show off your home’s features and place them downward to create well-lit gathering spaces or walkways.

Prepare for Winter

In many climates and altitudes, the colder seasons might scare off larger outdoor gatherings or prevent you from using your outdoor space altogether. But this doesn’t have to be the case—and it’s still important to prepare your outdoor space for winter. Winterizing your deck or patio can help you save money in repair and replacement costs and ensure that you can still make use of your space when temperatures rise.

Wood is particularly sensitive to the cold and can easily rot or warp due to standing moisture, promoting mold and mildew growth. Be sure to keep leaves and debris swept away and clean any standing water you notice to keep your home in proper shape. If you are looking to use your outdoor space in the winter, consider adding a fireplace or designing an enclosed, heated room.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen or Bar

While many of us have portable grills for backyard barbecues, the more ambitious among us may want to think bigger. Adding a beautiful stone countertop with shelving, a sink basin, and grill or stovetop will turn your backyard from a nice place for an occasional hangout into the perfect spot to entertain the neighborhood on holidays and big events. Or if you are thinking about a smaller installment, a simple standing bar area, complete with stools, tools, and ingredients for mixing and making drinks, will make sure that your home is the perfect place to host your dinner parties or game day celebrations.

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