How to Make a Small Room Larger

Many people have experienced the disappointment of finding out that a room feels too small, and you do not see a realistic way to make it bigger. While you may not have the ability to expand the space by knocking down walls or other demolition and reconstruction, there are a few ways that you can maximize your use of the available space and utilize ergonomic design and decoration to make sure that your petite space does not feel cramped or stuffy. Today we will provide you with a few tips that you can apply in attempting to make your tinier room feel larger than life.

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Utilize Your Wall Space

Floor space is the most valuable space in your room. Without adequate walking and standing space, it is virtually impossible to design a room that will not feel claustrophobic. To facilitate the feeling of openness, try to maximize the storage capacity of your walls and closets. Hang oddly shaped or unwieldy items, mount things like your television and audio devices if possible and install new shelving or make use of built-in shelving as much as possible.

Take Advantage of Space-Saving Items

As more and more people in the past year or so have felt confined to their homes for extended periods, there has been an explosion in popularity for space-saving furniture items that can be converted to be used in multiple different ways. From simple pull-out couches that turn into beds to entire dining sets that can be setup and taken down quickly and stored efficiently, there are countless unique space-saving furniture designs on the market that can help cut down on clutter and keep your space feeling open and accessible.

If You Can, Vault the Ceiling

If you are a homeowner and can renovate, one way to quickly and effectively make a small room larger is to vault the ceiling. A higher ceiling will instantly create the feeling of grandeur in even a tiny space and will also increase the availability of wall storage space to further open the walkable floor space.

Work with Minimalist Designs and Layouts

Rather than filling up the space with many tiny items and accoutrements, your room will feel larger and more open if you reduce the number of smaller items and objects and make selective use of larger, more prominent items instead. For instance, having one or two pieces of large wall art will be more effective in creating a sense of largeness in a room than a collection of many tiny pieces. Try to keep this mentality for all your decorations and accents, punctuating your space elegantly and efficiently.

Use a Bright Color Scheme

Visually, darker color schemes will make a space feel compressed, so go with a bright color palette if you want to create a room with visual depth. Make use of neutral tones like light browns and whites for your walls and trim. Keeping natural hardwood flooring instead of carpet will also enhance the perceived size of the space.

Consider Installing Accent Walls or Pocket Doors

If you want to create a space that feels large while also having specified “sections,” you may want to make use of accent walls. Accent walls help to enforce the sense of distinction between separate functional spaces in a room. For instance, you may put an accent wall between your toilet and sink to create a mental break between the two sections of your bathroom. Accent walls can be an effective way to make a room feel larger than it is by reducing the visual accessibility of the space.

Additionally, if you are thinking of renovating a space to make it seems bigger, installing pocket doors is a great way to improve your usage of the space. While they may be a significant cost, pocket doors disappear when a room is open and do not get in the way when you want to walk between spaces. These are a game changer for small rooms and can instantly make a cramped location feel more comfortable to move through.

Make Use of Large Windows for Visual Expansion

Large windows can help create a sense of openness in any room, and natural light will also help keep a space from feeling constricted. Use curtains or window covers that allow natural light to fill the space, and if you are thinking of renovating the space consider installing large windows that will dominate the visual design of the room.

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