How to Do Winter Furnace Maintenance

If you use a furnace to heat your home in the winter, it’s important to do an annual maintenance check. Having a clean furnace in good condition can save you money on your heating bills in the long-run. More than that, a furnace that is well taken care of will last a lot longer than one that has neglected annual maintenance procedures.

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Quick and Easy Ways to Remove Your Christmas Tree

Nothing brings the holiday spirit into your home quite like a decorated Christmas tree! Bringing home a live evergreen is a surprisingly eco-friendly option to holiday decorating. Christmas trees are sourced from sustainably managed forests. As they grow, the trees contribute to a healthier environment by serving as natural habitats for wildlife, storing pollutant carbon, releasing fresh oxygen, and even improving the quality of nearby bodies of water.

The Christmas tree is a time-honored tradition, but as New Years and the holiday season comes to an end you may be wondering how to remove your no longer needed tree from your home.

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How to Paint and Restore Your Deck

Since decks are exposed to weather, their finishes require annual cleaning and restoration. Over time, sun, wind, and rain can wear down the finish of your deck. This can cause the old finish to peel or even cause cracks in the wood. This weathering can weaken the structure of the deck and it certainly takes away from its aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, you don’t need to replace a weathered deck, which can be costly and time consuming. Instead, it’s possible to revive the look and feel of your deck by refinishing and restoring it yourself.

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How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboards are great for writing down to-do lists or making a grocery list, and now you can add a custom chalkboard just about anywhere with your own chalkboard paint! Chalkboard paint adds function and personality to your space, whether it’s on a kid’s craft table or on your kitchen wall. While you can buy pre-mixed chalkboard paint, these formulas are expensive and limited in color options. A more economical solution is to mix your own chalkboard paint. This fun and easy project also allows you to customize it with any color you like. Follow these steps to mix a batch of your own chalkboard paint to enjoy!

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How to Replace an Exterior Door

This fall, make a statement with an updated front door! Replacing an old exterior door with a newer model adds to curb appeal, improves your home insulation, and makes your yard more readily accessible. A beautiful and functional exterior door connects the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home and enables you to entertain guests inside and out.

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6 Easy Steps to Fix a Leaky Faucet

Constant dripping of a leaky faucet isn’t just an annoyance–it can waste water and increase your water bill too! Repairing a leaky faucet is simple enough to do yourself and can prevent further issues from developing. Most of the time, a faucet starts dripping and leaking when its parts have worn out. A damaged cartridge, broken washers, loose O-ring, or corroded valve seat can cause a faucet to start leaking. Fortunately, the solutions to these problems are inexpensive to fix with the right faucet parts and plumbing tools.

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Build Your Own DIY Fire Pit

Enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home at night with a fire pit in your backyard! Great for entertaining or just getting the family together, fire pits create a sophisticated and warm atmosphere for gathering. You can find fire pits in a variety of shapes, dimensions, and styles, and they can be custom built as a DIY home improvement project.

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6 Different Types of Insulation for Your Home

Installing quality insulation in your home prevents the transfer of heat into or out of your home. This ensures comfortable indoor temperatures year-round and even keeps energy costs down. Unfortunately, according to The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, nearly 90% of single-family homes in the US are not equipped with sufficient insulation.

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Flooring Materials to Consider for Your Home

There are many good reasons to update your home flooring–your flooring may have scuffs and damages, no longer providing effective insulation, or it’s is simply out of style. Whatever the reason, choosing the right flooring material for your upgrade is key to achieving functional, durable, aesthetic results. Not all flooring options are created equal, so researching which type of flooring materials to consider can help you get familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of each possibility.

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Common Lawn Damage Causes & Solutions

Once you have your own yard, there is no greater mark of pride than a well-maintained and beautiful lawn to garner the envy of your neighbors and passersby. Unfortunately for the hopeful homeowners looking to impress the rest of the block, lawn damage can occur very easily and from a variety of causes. Whether you live in a dry, wet, hot, or cold climate, lawn maintenance is an intensive task, and lawn repair is a necessity when problems arise, which they often do. Today, we will talk about some of the most common sources of lawn damage you may experience, and what you can do to heal your lawn and prevent future damage. Read more