Quick and Easy Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

Nothing beats cooking in a well organized kitchen! Having things systematically put away and easy to access can improve the quality of any kitchen, regardless of size. But with so many different pieces to store–from everyday dinnerware to cooking utensils and specialized appliances–it can be difficult to keep the kitchen readily organized and functional. Some kitchen tools have unique shapes or unwieldy sizes that can make storage and accessibility a challenge, and others are used so infrequently that they seem to just take up space and get in the way.

Fortunately, with the help of these products and organization tips, anyone can regain control over their kitchen, making it a tidy and practical place to cook.

Easy Kitchen Organization Tips and Tricks

Make the Important Tools Easy to Find

Kitchen essentials that you use on a daily basis, such as paper towels or sponges, should have a designated space that is easy to find and use. An immovable paper towel rack or fixable sponge caddy keeps necessary items in one spot so you know where to find them. This can also declutter kitchen countertops for a more put together look. In a similar way, grouping similar cooking utensils together in a decorative utensil caddy or container not only makes them easier to find and grab while cooking but also adds color and stylistic flair to your kitchen space.

Roll-Out Cabinet Drawers for Easy Access

The average kitchen cabinet can store items 12-18” deep, often making items placed in the back of a cabinet difficult to reach and use. Get the most out of deep cubbies by installing roll-out cabinet drawers. These storage accessories are essentially movable racks that slide along drawer tracks so you never need to get on your hands and knees to dig for items at the back of a cabinet again. By sliding these roll-out drawers forward, it becomes possible to reach everything you have stored in your cabinet–even the lesser used holiday dishes you stored all the way in the back.

Store Spices and Oils in a Rolling Cart

Is your spice storage filled to the brim with different herbs and oils? Consider moving your spices to a movable rolling cart, similar to a bar cart, that can be stored between large appliances and kitchen cabinetry. This way, you can access your entire collection of species while cooking at the range without wasting time searching for what you need. Some rolling carts for kitchen storage come in especially handy narrow dimensions, so it’s easy to find room to store them out of sight between uses.

Keep Cleaning Products in an Over-Cabinet Hanging Organizer

Sometimes it feels like you spend more time cleaning the kitchen than you do preparing meals in it! Keep regular cleaning products hidden out of sight but still within easy reach by hanging over-cabinet organizers on the inside of the cabinet under your sink. These metal organizers have small tabs at the top that allow them to hang over the cabinet door, making cleaning products easy to find and use.

Add a Layer of Shelves to Cabinets for Vertical Storage

Even if your kitchen cabinets have shelves already installed, you may benefit from placing an additional layer of shelves inside. These organization accessories provide an extra surface for storing items in your kitchen cabinets and can be easily relocated based on your evolving storage needs.

Organize Your Silverware Drawer with a Utensil Organizer

Utensil organizers divide storage of your forks, spoons, knives, and other cooking tools. They are relatively shallow so that they can easily fit in kitchen drawers, and it is even possible to find particularly narrow versions for more compact kitchens.

Store Knives Out of Sight

Rather than keeping your various knives in a traditional knife block on top of your kitchen counter, consider making use of storage accessories that allow you to move these pieces out of sight. Some knife storage can be hung up magnetically and others fit inside of kitchen drawers to keep your knives stored safely together with a smaller footprint.

Try an Expandable Drying Rack

As if washing dishes wasn’t already a chore, finding enough space for your drying rack can complicate the process even further. The average drying rack sits on top of the kitchen countertop, displaying recently washed dishes for all to see. Try replacing this type of rack with an adjustable, expandable alternative that can easily fit in your sink.

Install a Hanging Pot Rack

If you have trouble finding the best way to store pots and pans, consider installing a hanging pot rack. Pot racks eliminate the challenge of fitting unusually shaped equipment into kitchen cabinets by hanging them up instead. Many pot racks have a shelf portion for additional storage on top and allow for a variety of pots and pans to hang below, usually flat against a wall.

Use an Under-Shelf Stemware Holder

Keep fancy drinkware safe and organized without specialized storage by installing a shelf-mounted stemware holder. These accessories fit the average shelf and provide space for sliding wine glasses and other stemware into them. This type of organizer does not require drilling into a cabinet or shelf to install, but you may want to measure the vertical space necessary to store your stemware to ensure your shelf is tall enough.

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