Flooring Materials to Consider for Your Home

There are many good reasons to update your home flooring–your flooring may have scuffs and damages, no longer providing effective insulation, or it’s is simply out of style. Whatever the reason, choosing the right flooring material for your upgrade is key to achieving functional, durable, aesthetic results. Not all flooring options are created equal, so researching which type of flooring materials to consider can help you get familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of each possibility.

Hardwood has remained a popular choice for homeowners because of its stylistic flexibility and ease of maintenance. But hardwood flooring is also susceptible to swelling and shrinking with changing humidity levels; is easily scratched and scuffed by pets, children, and furniture; and is expensive to have installed, ranging from $6 to $180 per square foot. Fortunately, today there are several alternative types of flooring materials to consider for your home that have the same benefits without the disadvantages of hardwood flooring. Bamboo plank flooring and luxury vinyl tile flooring are two options that mimic the natural grain look of hardwood flooring, but with greater resistance to moisture and humidity, greater durability, and often lower installation costs.

Bamboo Flooring

One type of flooring material to consider for your home is bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring looks and feels very similar to traditional hardwood flooring and it comes in a variety of stain options to fit any style. Better than hardwood flooring, bamboo is an eco-friendly option that is three times harder than traditional hardwood. This means the bamboo planks rarely scratch, scuff, or show damage, holding up for years against the wear and tear of family life, especially if you have pets or children. This flooring also has a natural resistance to moisture and humidity, so it’s less likely to warp, shrink, or bulge, and it can withstand climates with varying humidity levels.

Another reason bamboo should be one considered for your home is that it is a lot more affordable than hardwood flooring. Bamboo flooring averages at $3.15 per square foot of materials, and ranges from $3 to $5 per square foot of installation labor. The reason bamboo installation costs less than hardwood installation is that the labor itself is easier, and the material can be installed directly over a variety of subfloor materials–even concrete. In fact, with the right tools and hardware, bamboo plank flooring can be a DIY installation without the need to hire any professional labor.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Another way to get the warmth and texture of hardwood flooring without the prohibitive cost is to install luxury vinyl tile flooring. With patterns and finishes that mimic natural hardwood, luxury vinyl tile flooring can be aesthetically similar to hardwood but with greater resiliency, easier care and maintenance requirements, greater resistance to moisture, and a more affordable price.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is a relatively tough material that holds up to years of foot traffic and family life. This flooring is less susceptible to the scratches and visible damage that hardwood flooring regularly incurs. This durability and resistance to damage makes luxury vinyl tile flooring a great choice for families with children and/or pets. Another interesting feature of luxury vinyl tile flooring is that it is easy to care for throughout its lifetime. These tiles tend to be stain resistant and only require minimal, basic cleaning for upkeep.

This type of flooring material is also more resistant to swelling and shrinking in the presence of moisture or humidity, and won’t warp over time. More than that, luxury vinyl tile flooring is waterproof and can withstand spills or serve as flooring in areas of the home that are more likely to get wet, such as in bathrooms.

Despite the name, luxury vinyl tile flooring is actually affordable, ranging from $2 to $7 per square foot, depending on the type of tile you choose. Because it is fairly straightforward to install luxury vinyl flooring, updating your flooring with this material can sometimes be done as a DIY weekend project. All you’ll need to install your own luxury vinyl flooring are some hardware tools like sanders, saws, or trowels.

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Knowing about alternative types of flooring materials can save you money both at installation, and in the long run because of their increased durability. Find everything you need to upgrade your home this year at Grayco Hardware & Home Center. No matter what material you decide to install, be sure to have fun with it!

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